PLAN KABUHAYAN (LIVELIHOOD) is a Livelihood Training and Support Program promoting that Human Resource is our nation’s greatest resource. Congressman Karlo Nograles embarked on a massive skills training program in Davao City. His concept was anchored on the basis that people trained with the proper skills have better chances of creating livelihood for themselves to feed their family and become productive members of their community.

As a result, in 2001 Congressman Karlo Nograles facilitated the Nograles Culinary Training Program in coordination with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the World Class Training Center.

Always seeking to improve the concept, Congressman Karlo Nograles also started a community-based skills training program that would bring the hands-on training down to the barangay level. Veering away from school-based training, Congressman Karlo Nograles brought down the four walls of the classroom by bringing trainers and equipment down to the community to conduct trainings at the barangays. The result saw the successful trainings of people who could not otherwise afford to commute to training centers downtown. Community-based trainings included livelihood training on meat processing, fish processing, handicraft-making, fishnet making and basic steel fabrication and welding. Lately, the program has also included basic carpentry and guitar-making and basic motorcycle mechanic and repair.

Congressman Karlo Nograles realized that it was not enough to just provide skills training to people. This must also be coupled with seed capital to allow beneficiaries to use their skills to form their own livelihood. Thus, upon its inception in 2005, six hundred eight (608) beneficiaries were able to acquire a loan from the Kaunlaran Program. In 2006, one hundred forty (140) beneficiaries were added to that list. In 2007, another one hundred forty (140) beneficiaries availed of the same Program. And for the first half of 2008, already seven hundred eighty (780) small businessmen and businesswomen in the barangays received the same seed capital from the Program.

In 2007, because of the significant demand locally and overseas for skilled Filipino welders, Congressman Karlo Nograles opened up the doors again to school-based trainings, this time on Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). In collaboration with the Korea-Philippines Vocational Training Center and the TESDA Provincial Training Center, a total of one hundred forty two (142) scholars were able to complete the SMAW course for free under the Nograles scholarship program in 2007. That year also saw the graduation of twenty-two (22) scholars completing the GMAW course courtesy of Nograles. Aside from free tuition, these scholars also receive transportation allowance as incentive to completing the scholarship program.

To help provide employment opportunities to the people of Davao City, Congressman Karlo Nograles also organized several Job Fairs in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and TESDA. The first Jobs Fair was conducted in October 24, 2005 at SM City Davao, which saw the participation of more than two thousand eight hundred (2,800) jobseekers and forty eight (48) local companies and recruitment agencies.