Despite being classified as a highly-urbanized city, Davao City still has its fair share of communities without proper electricity. For these communities, they could choose to either stay in the dark or resort to worst, illegally tapping power from the most nearby source. Not only does this method make the community prone to accidents and fire occurrences, but members of such communities were vulnerable to paying overpriced rates for power consumption charged by those upon whose power line they were tapping.

In 2004, upon the prodding of Congressman Karlo Nograles, a joint venture between the Davao Light and Power Company headed by the late Alfonso Aboitiz brought about the birth of OPLAN KAHAYAG (ELECTRIFICATION), a Community Electrification Assistance Program. Under the Program, the Office of the Congressman was tasked to determine the possible communities to benefit from the project, as well as help them comply of all needed requirements and obtaining of permits. The extension of assistance could even go as far as preparing the community access road for the Davao Light trucks to enter and install the electrical posts.