OPLAN KALAMBOAN (PROGRESS) (PEOPLE CONSULTATION) is a Barangay and People Consultation Program that understands and appreciates the various needs of different communities. Every week Congressman Karlo Nograles do the rounds in different barangays to consult with barangay leaders, purok leaders, teachers, students, chapel officials, church officials, leaders and members of different people’s organizations and ordinary community members to discuss problems and challenges in the community, as well as possible solutions and services.

To maintain transparency and accentuate assurance to public service, Saturday discussions with the community are aired live on AM radio and taped for showing in a local TV channel and the community channel on cable TV, under the program entitled “OPLAN KALAMBOAN”. From the initial launch of the Program in 2003 up to this date, consultations have been brought to all barangays in the district, resulting in the determination of proper projects to implement in the community that would create the most positive impact. The Program is also used as an opportunity to inform constituents of the progress of their communities and what sorts of services are being made available to them.